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Approve Pre-Approvals in Chrome River or via Email

If you are part of the approval process for pre-approvals, there are two ways to approve pre-approvals: by email and in-app via the Approval Dashboard.

  • Note that pre-approvals may only be approved or returned. It is not possible for approvers to adjust them.

Approve By Email

Chrome River will email you the pre-approval request that needs your approval. You can approve the expenses or return them to the requester with questions or comments simply by forwarding the email. The instructions are included in the email.

If your account is set up to receive HTML emails, you can approve the expenses or return them to the requester with questions or comments by clicking the ACCEPT or RETURN buttons in the email itself.

Approve In-App

1. In the Approvals ribbon on the Dashboard, click on PRE-APPROVALS.

You may also access your approvals by clicking the MENU button and selecting PRE-APPROVAL. The yellow circle shows the number of pre-approvals waiting for you.

2. The Approvals Needed list displays all the pre-approvals awaiting your approval under the Pre-Approval tab.

  • Use the SORT button in the upper right-hand corner to sort the list by Date or expense owner Last Name.

3. Click on the approval you wish to view and a preview will slide in from the right.

4. To view any attached images, scroll down to the Attachments section and click on the desired image. A preview will appear on the left side of wide-screen devices or replace the current screen on narrower devices.

Click the X in the upper right-hand corner of the image to close it and return to the pre-approval request preview.

5. From the preview you may

  • Open: Open the pre-approval request to make adjustments before it is routed to the next step in the approval process.
  • PDF: View the PDF report of the pre-approval request. Options are Full Report and Full Report with Receipts.
  • Tracking: View the routing history for the pre-approval request.
  • Reassign: Send the pre-approval request to another user for approval.
  • Return: You do not approve the pre-approval request and it is returned to the expense owner.
  • Approve: You approve the pre-approval and it is routed to the next step in the approval process.

On narrow-screen devices, some of these options will be found under the three-dots drop-down menu.

User Profile Cards

Click the pre-approval request owner's name in the preview to access his or her profile card.

Profile cards contain such details as expense owner title, email address and assigned roles. Click SEE MORE to view all the details.

Approver Comments

The Approver Comments section of the user profile card allows approvers to share private comments about the user with each other. This feature can be used to provide details on the expense owner that give other approvers better context and help them assess user risk before approving any expense reports.

Approver comments are visible only to authorized approvers, who are granted permission using an AuthorizeUser rule. Approvers are not able to see comments on their own user profile card.

Returning Pre-Approvals In-App

1. Open the pre-approval request or its preview and click RETURN.

2. Enter a reason in the Comment box.

3. Click RETURN to send the pre-approval request back to the requester, who will be able to edit the pre-approval request and resubmit it.

Submitting Approved Pre-Approvals In-App

1. From within the pre-approval or on its preview screen, click the green APPROVE button.


2. On the Approval Confirmation screen, click APPROVE.

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