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Capture and Upload Receipts via Chrome River SNAP for Android

US-based users are encouraged to use the new Emburse Chrome River mobile app, which has all the same features as SNAP and more! Click here for more details.

Chrome River's free SNAP app enables EXPENSE users to quickly and easily capture and upload receipt images right when the expense occurs. Users simply snap a photo of the receipt using SNAP and it will be uploaded directly to their Receipt Gallery and the Offline tab of the eWallet for use the next time they access Chrome River. SNAP may also be used to upload images taken with another app on the device.

Quick-Start Video

Although this video was captured on an iOS device, all capabilities, features, and steps shown are identical for Android devices.

Image Specifications

  • Photos taken with Chrome River SNAP are not stored in the device's default photo gallery, so they do not mix with personal photos.
  • Users have the option to automatically delete photos from the device once they have been uploaded to the Receipt Gallery, freeing up storage space.
  • If there are multiple receipts in one photo, the system will split them into separate transactions.
  • Only JPG, PNG and HEIC/HEIF formats are supported.
  • The system will cancel any uploads that take more than 60 seconds. If this occurs, you will need to retry the upload when you are on a Wi-Fi or high-speed connection.
  • Files must be less than 20 MB.
  • Automatic Image Resizing:
  • Image size will be reduced 30%-50%, however image quality is preserved
  • Resizing occurs for snaps taken in the app and when a receipt is shared to the app.
  • Any image over 10MB will be automatically resized before upload to reduce network traffic.
  • Aspect Ratio:
  • 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Locked to portrait view

System Requirements

Chrome River SNAP is available for the latest version of the Android operating system, as well as versions Marshmallow, Nougat, Oreo and Pie. The app is designed for narrow-screen mobile devices like smartphones; there is no tablet version of Chrome River SNAP.

We recommend that users always upgrade to the latest version of CR SNAP to receive the best and most secure version of the app. Only versions 3.0.3 and newer are supported.

Download CR SNAP from the Google Play Store

1. Click here to download the app or use the Google Play Store search utility to search for “Chrome River SNAP.”

2. Tap on Chrome River SNAP, then tap the INSTALL button to begin installation. You will be asked to confirm the installation.

3. Once the app has downloaded, tap OPEN to access it.

4. You will be asked to enter the primary email address used on your Chrome River account. Then tap NEXT.

A warning message will alert you if the email address has been entered incorrectly.

5. When a valid email address has been entered, a verification code will be sent to it. Once you have the code, enter it in the app and tap VERIFY.

6. On the confirmation screen, tap LET'S BEGIN!

Upload a Photo with Chrome River SNAP

1. Open Chrome River SNAP.

2. Hold your mobile device over the receipt and tap the gray circle at the bottom of the screen.

  • To turn the flash on, off or to Auto mode, tap the flash icon in the upper right corner.

3. If desired, you may enter a description and amount with currency before you upload the image, eliminating the need to add these later inside Chrome River.

    • Tap ADD MORE INFORMATION to be taken to the Additional Info screen.

    • A thumbnail image of the receipt will appear. You may tap it to preview a larger version of the receipt, which you may pinch to zoom in and out. Enter the desired info and tap UPLOAD.

  • Clicking the back arrow will discard any information entered.

4. If the receipt image is in frame and in focus, tap UPLOAD. Otherwise, tap DISCARD.

5. You will be returned to the camera view. To see the receipt as it is being prepared for upload, tap the receipt icon in the lower right corner.

6. If you have selected "Delete Receipts After Upload" in Settings, the receipt will only appear here until it has uploaded to Chrome River.

Otherwise, this screen is your Upload History, where you may see all the receipts you have previously uploaded.

7. If a connectivity issue causes the upload to fail, tap the image thumbnail or the word RETRY to re-send the receipt image.

Upload a Photo Taken with Another App

There are two ways to upload a photo taken outside Chrome River SNAP: via the photo icon in SNAP and via the share icon in another app.

For customers who use the Emburse digital archiving service, this feature is not available for users who are restricted from uploading jpg or png files from external sources.

Inside CR SNAP

1. Tap the photo icon to the left of the photo-capture button.

2. Navigate to the appropriate folder on your device.

3. Select the image.

4. Add more information, if desired, and then tap UPLOAD.

The image will be uploaded directly to your Chrome River Receipt Gallery the same way it would if you had captured it via Chrome River SNAP. It will also be available via the Offline tab of the eWallet.

Via Another App

Once you have installed Chrome River SNAP, you will be able to access it from other apps on your mobile device.

1. If you took a receipt photo using your device's native camera or another app, find the image in the Photos gallery and tap the SHARE icon.

2. Tap the Chrome River SNAP icon.

3. Tap UPLOAD and the image will be uploaded directly to your Chrome River Receipt Gallery the same way it would if you had captured it via Chrome River SNAP. It will also be accessible via the Offline tab of the eWallet.

Upload Images via Push Notification

For details on uploading images directly from credit card push notifications, see Enable Real-Time Notifications for Credit Card Transactions.

Add Uploaded Photos to an Expense Report in Chrome River

Once Chrome River SNAP has uploaded your receipt photo to Chrome River, you will find it in your Receipt Gallery and in the Offline tab of the eWallet. After OCR (Optical Character Recognition) has finished processing, you may add the receipt to an expense report.

1. Log in to Chrome River.

2. From within an expense report, tap the PLUS button to add a new expense.


4. Select the receipt.

5. Tap the blue PLUS button to add the selected receipt to the report.

Add Snap Rcpt to Expense.jpg

Upload History

Unless you have selected "Delete Receipts After Upload" in Settings, all the receipts you upload will remain in the Upload History until you delete them or tap "Remove Receipts From Device" in Settings.

1. From camera view, tap the receipt icon to access the Upload History.

2. Receipts are displayed in descending date order.

3. Tap on a receipt to delete it or download it.


If you are in the camera, tap the receipt icon in the lower right corner to access the Pending Receipts/Upload History screen.

Now tap the gear icon in the upper right corner to access the Settings.

  • Delete Receipts After Upload: Tap the toggle to activate if you do not wish to store receipts in Chrome River SNAP's Upload History after they have uploaded.
  • Remove Receipts from Device: Tap to delete all the receipts in the Upload History.
  • Privacy Policy: Review Chrome River's privacy policy.
  • Terms & Conditions: Review Chrome River SNAP's terms and conditions.
  • Feedback: Email Chrome River feedback about SNAP.
  • Version: See which version of the app you have.
  • Log Out: Log out of your Chrome River SNAP user account. For security, you will be automatically logged out of your account every 180 days, or after a period determined by your organization.

Device Limit

By default, CR SNAP allows a maximum of three authorized devices per user. Users will see a “Device Limit Reached” screen when they have three devices authorized for CR SNAP and attempt to log in on a fourth device. The screen will list all the active devices and allow users to remove one or more devices in order to authorize the current device.

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